OPENING DATE:  July 24, 2019

 CLOSING DATE:  August 2, 2019

The City of Holly Springs Utility Department is accepting applications to fill the position of Customer Service Representative.

This position will be responsible for answering the telephones, responding to inquiries and providing customers with bill-related information.  This person will be able to receive and process utility bill payments, balance their drawer and prepare bank deposits on a daily basis. A High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate, excellent communication skills and proficient use of computers are required.

Applications with resumes will be accepted until August 2, 2019. Employment applications are available at our office, 1180 Highway 311 North, Holly Springs, MS 38635. Please mail applications and resumes to:

City of Holly Springs

Human Resources Department

1180 Highway 311 North

Holly Springs, MS 38635




July 1, 2019

City Zoning and Code Enforcement

Kelvin Buck, Mayor of the City of Holly Springs and the Board of Alderman are asking our residents to join together in our Team up To Clean up efforts. Churches and businesses along with other civic organizations such as cheerleading squads, sororities and fraternities are pitching in to help. 

One thing we can do right now that doesn’t require a lot of money is clean up our town.  Our Street Department Staff has really worked hard to try to keep our streets and neighborhoods clean.  The problem is we have too many private property owners who have not and will not join our efforts to clean up the city.  They do not keep their grass cut and junk around their property picked up.  They continue to keep old abandoned cars parked on the grass in front of their property.

Too many of the properties which are abandoned and owned by someone living in another place are very poorly maintained or not maintained at all.  Some of our businesses refuse to make needed improvements to the appearance of their buildings. Too many persons throw trash and garbage on the side of the road. Landlords rent substandard housing units and rarely try to improve the appearance of the apartment or the property around it. 

Regardless of how much paper our city staff picks up, if citizens don’t do their part we will not have the clean city many of us say we want.  I hear complaints often and every day I talk and push our staff to do more and more.  I have been on radio, television and in the newspaper asking residents of Holly Springs to join our effort to “Keep It Clean Holly Springs”. 

Thanks again to those of you who understand and are helping us to clean up our city More than four years ago now I instructed our staff to step up our efforts to enforce our zoning and code enforcement and we have been doing exactly that.  I have asked them to follow the law in notifying the violators and giving them the time required by law to correct the problem.  If the property in violation does not comply in the time allowed we sometimes proceed with cleaning up the property and assessing the property owner’s taxes. We also start legal proceeding to have the courts order the property owner to correct the code or zoning violation.  

Obviously, many residents don’t read the paper therefore I am asking that those of you who do read this article to pass the information on. We will also use other methods of getting the word out such as placing the information in your utility bill.  I am hoping that violators both residential and business owners will read this article and work with us to correct the problem. The city already has the authority to enforce code requirements through the courts and by way of police citations. 

Many of our residents already do everything they can to maintain their property and some go beyond what is necessary to help and we appreciate their efforts.  Some of you have gone on Facebook to make critical statements without fully understanding the process and the efforts that are already going on to deal with blighted property.  Please know that this is a problem we take very seriously.  I am aware however that some will not appreciate what we are trying to do and will not be pleased with this article or our enforcement efforts.  In a recent discussion with a resident of Holly Springs on this very subject, they reminded me “You can’t please everybody”.

Kelvin O. Buck, Mayor



 August 23, 2019,  10:00-2:00 pm

Multipurpose Building Parking Lot

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