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Salem Bridge Update!! The Salem Bridge will be closed beginning Monday, May 22nd. for several weeks. MDOT will be moving the utilities in preparation for the bridge replacement. Please take East Boundary, Chesterman or Eddie Lee Smith Drive as your alternate route. Sorry for the inconvenience! Will update as new information becomes available
September 5 & 19 Board Meeting Time 5:30 City Hall

2nd Annual Veteran’s
Multipurpose Building 235 Memphis St.
Date: (Friday) August 11, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
We are calling all veterans, their family members, and care providers in Northern Mississippi. Come out and receive vital information concerning the veteran community such as benefits, employment, housing, counseling, legal, burial, and issues impacting veterans. Free food will be provided.
For additional information:
Phone number: (901)- 305- 6410
Facebook: Operation Stand Down Midsouth, Inc
Twitter: @osdmidsouth
OSDM have been serving veterans in the
Mid-South since 2009

To book events at Multipurpose Building or any Park Pavilions, contact Sandy Buford at 252-4280 ext 1201

This study recommends the following:
1. Invest in more litter receptacles throughout the city.
2. Adopt an Anti-littering message, such as “Team Up to Clean Up”, and logo to be placed on the bins.
3. Educate and inform our citizens about the part they can play in keeping the city and county clean. We must get our schools involved. Appoint litter wardens to go into our schools to educate (which might include using animated characters to get children to relate and understand the importance of not littering. Ask our schools to hang banners inside regarding picking up litter.
4. Utilize Social media as an important resource in building relationships with the public, such as face book, twitter and instagram. These sources can be used to provide excellent platforms for communication with our local citizens.
5. Conduct Community Pride Days throughout the year. Organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals should be encouraged to adopt-a-street or roads.
6. Invest in more signs to be placed throughout the city and county, especially on corners.
Showcase catchy slogans on government vehicles and on safety vests of employees.
7. Use the city website, Tourism Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and Main Street to educate our citizens on the importance of a beautiful city and county.
8. Involve local and state officials, businesses and all city and county departments in enforcing this plan,.
9. Get the police involved more with issuing litter fines. Possibly use the second chance program as a way to combat the litter problem.
10. Invest in better equipment for street cleansing.
11. Provide recognition to organizations and individuals for keeping the city and county clean.
12. Involve our local food restaurants by asking them to pass out small trash bags.
13. Develop brochures, newspaper ads and articles, and radio broadcasts to get the community involved.
14. Look into utilizing a customer relationship system (CRM). This system will capture feedback and complaints relating to litter management throughout the city and county. CRM will allow communication with crews or litter wardens to address litter issues.

The actions outlined in this plan will be reviewed against the metrics and timeframe targets, such as the number of litter fines issued per year and the number of litter fines paid per year. Also, this plan will look at the number of calls to the litter hotline, performance in annual litter surveys, number of hits on social media, and the number of litter wardens to name a few. A progress report will be prepared on an annual basis with status and findings for presentation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Also, general statistics on litter management and CRM data will be collected and collated for measuring the success of the plan

Litter Plan developed by Mr. Larry Miller and Ms. Belinda Sims Hollowell
Adoption Date: February 7, 2017

Call Before You Dig!!
Building a deck? Planting a tree? Installing a mailbox? 811 is the new number you should call before you begin any digging project.

A new, federally-mandated national “Call Before You Dig” number, 811 was created to help protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects. People digging often make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked due to concerns about project delays, costs, and previous calls about other projects. These assumptions can be life threatening.

Every digging job requires a call – even small projects like planting trees or shrubs. If you hit an underground utility line while digging, you can harm yourself or those around you, disrupt service to an entire neighborhood, and potentially be responsible for fines and repair costs.

Smart digging means calling 811 before each job. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional excavator, one call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for FREE!!

What everyone should know about Natural Gas Safety
Natural Gas supplies one-third of the nation’s energy.
Natural Gas, like all forms of energy and like many other products found in the home, is capable of doing damage and MUST be used properly.
Natural Gas has a better safety record than any other form of energy.
Natural Gas alone won’t burn or explode…it needs the right amount of air and an ignition source.
Natural Gas is NOT poisonous! Carbon Monoxide (co) is usually the cause of “GAS” poisonings reported in the news. Natural Gas contains NO carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be produced by incomplete combustion of any fuel.
Gas appliances, equipment, and transmission lines are safe and are constantly being tested and improved. However, it is possible through misuse or accident to have a Gas Leak, and Remember—the potential danger from a gas leak is FIRE or EXPLOSION! Your senses can help you to discover a gas leak by Smell, Sight, Touch, and Hearing.

So, if you discover a Gas Leak, As Always…
If you smell the distinctive odor added to gas for safety, investigate, it may only be an unlighted pilot or burner. If the odor is strong indoors or out, be extra careful. Don’t strike a match, turn a light switch on or off, start a car or do anything to cause a spark. Leave immediately and call New Albany Light, Gas & Water or your local police or fire department.

If Yes To Any Questions Below
Is there a strong odor?
Do you hear gas blowing/leaking?
Are you aware of any damage to the gas line?
Are you feeling dizzy, faint, or ill?
Do not operate electrical switches, operate light switches, or light matches. Lay down the phone, DO NOT hang up the phone nor use it again. Leave the premises, but be available for our service person. After evacuation, locate to a safe distance beyond the affected structure. Keep a safe look out as you leave the premises. Watch for traffic at street, sidewalks and driveways.

Please follow these simple guidelines and allow Holly Springs Utility Department, Gas & Water to continue providing you safe, dependable service.

REMEMBER…..Natural gas is not dangerous, but its MISUSE is!

Safety Rules for Appliances and Equipment
1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and care of equipment
2. Teach children that they are not to turn on or light appliances
3. Keep combustibles away from any open flame
4. Keep burning surface clean
5. Have approved fire extinguishers and know how to use them
6. If lighting is required always light match first and hold it at point of lighting BEFORE you turn on gas
7. Repair and installation is a job for experts—never attempt to do it yourself
8. Have effective flues
9. If the flame goes out shut the gas off
10.Don’t purchase so-called “gas saving” devices
11.Use equipment for the job it was designed to do
12.Look for the Blue Star seal—your assurance that equipment design meets national safety standards

First Aid
Slight: Hold under cold running water or in ice water until pain stops
Get Medical Aid
cut away loose clothing
cover burned area & around it with sterile dressing
treat patient for shock
NEVER use iodine, cotton, grease, or oil on burns!

get medical aid
keep victim warm
loosen clothing
place head lower than feet
give water if victim is conscious, is not nauseated, has no penetrating abdominal wound

get into fresh air
lay person down
if not breathing, give CPR
call fire department
call doctor
treat for shock
Still have questions?
TVA provides regulatory oversight for your Local Power Company’s rates and service practices.

If you have an issue or complaint that you have not been able to resolve with your Local Power Company, TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process may be able to help.

There are three ways to begin the process:

Online at
Call the TVA Regulatory hotline at 1-888-289-8409